Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Halloween Party

Yesterday we had our Second Annual Family Halloween Party at my parents. It was such a blast. We had some way yummy Lasagna, Salad, Bread sticks and lots of way sweet tricky treats! After we stuffed ourselves we had a costume contest. Tessa as Dorothy won "cutest" costume, and Jon as the Mad hatter won "best" costume" overall. His costume was all handmade by Jon himself and it was so dang sweet! Everyone looked so great in their costumes. We had the Wizard of Oz Clan and the Olson Clan and we had a blast. Tessa decided to assign everyone their character and I think she had more fun and was more excited than Christmas Morning. She was so cute and made the most adorable Dorothy I have ever seen. She was in Character all night singing "We're off to see the wizard" She was a hoot! After the contest we had our big pumpkin carving contest. It gets really intense with all the creative Olson boys to go up against.... So who was the winner? Well, according to Tessa hers was the winner, next was me! Woo, but according to everyone else Corbin came out on top with an amazing Mad hatter he did all from scratch! So if anyone needs a professional pumpkin carver let me know and I can get you one! We had such a blast at the big bash, thanks to Abbie for planning it!

The Wizard of Oz Clan

Jon the "Mad Hatter" Contest Winner!

The Olson Clan
Dave as Spider Man, Wendy as the "other" Witch, Jon as the Mad Hatter, Krysten as a Fairy, Corbin as Sweeny Todd, Pam as his girl, Nate and Cam as the "sexy" Bechams.

Good Witch Glenda (Abbie) vs. The Wicked Witch herself (Stacy)

Tin Man Tom and Lindie the Lion!

"If I only had the Nerve"

Cutest Dorothy Ever!

Corb and Pam looked great!

Cute Ollie and Jess

"We're off to see the Wizard"

Pumpkin Party