Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Few More Firsts...

Mollie's Firsts....

First Red Sox Game with Dad

First Real Game
Go Real

First Tea Party with Jon the Madhatter

First Time visiting Grandma at School

First Dress-up Adventure

First Chilly walk with Mom and Dad

Mollie's first Holidays...

I have slacked off and have not posted our First Valentines Day, First St. Patricks Day and First Easter Pics with our sweet little Mollie Jo. We had such a blast with our new addition on all three holidays. Easter was my favorite though, because the Easter Bunny visited Molls, and brought her a basket that was hidden in her favorite spot.... the bathtub! We had so much fun, and Mollie brought a new excitement to each Holiday. Here are a few pics from each day....

Valentines Day
Getting ready to go to Brunch with Daddy and Mommy

My Valentine Bug...

St Patricks Day
Green little Munchkin

Mollsie and her first Easter Basket

Easter Family Photo

Al and Molls

Tessa Jane and Jack on the Egg Hunt

Cousin Ollie

Crazy Abba, Naters and Krysten

Ending the Day with Aunt Abby

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Watch Mollie Jo Grow....

5 Month Mollie Jo

So, let me start by saying that time with our little Mollie Jo is just flying by so fast! She is five months old and is growing like a weed! At her five month appointment we discovered that she is very tall. She was in the 90th percentile for her height, 35th for her weight and 60th for her head. My little munchkin is growing up! She is rolling around like crazy and wants to crawl so bad. We have started her on solids, and oatmeal and bananas are her favorite! She also enjoys pears, peaches, applesauce, and every once in a while she will be good and eat her vegetables. She is smiley and just so busy busy busy! We are having so much fun watching her grow and her new tricks that she figures out each week. Here are some pics of how she has grown...

Molls at 2 months

2 1/2 months

3 Month Molls

3 1/2 months

4 months
4 1/2 months