Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Baby Girl is 1 Week Old...

Wow does time fly by. Our little bundle of joy, Mollie Jo, is now one week old. I can't believe how fast that week flew by. She has brought so much love and happiness to mine and Tom's life. We just can't get enough of this little doll. We have had a lot of fun making memories as a new family of three. Tom absolutely adores his little girl, and especially loves letting her snuggle up on his chest at night.

Mollie has become more and more awake throughout the day, and when she is awake she has the biggest, most beautiful eyes. We love it and just marvel over how darn cute she is and how blessed we are to have her as our little girl.

I love to dress Mollie up in her cute clothes. Today I thought I would do a small photo shoot to celebrate the one week mark and couldn't resist to post the cute pictures. We had a bath and then... Lights... Camera... Action...

Stretching it out before the big photo shoot!

Getting ready for my bath

I like my bath more and more everyday!

All snuggled up

The shoot begins... with my hat

So precious

Love her crossed legs

Gotta love that head of hair

Being so cute is hard work! Nighty Night!

Hanging out at Grammies House...

Yesterday we went to dinner at Grandma Stacy's house. Mollie's cousins Ollie and Tessa were both there along with Grammie, Gramps, Aunt Abbie, Aunt Jess and Uncle Jeff. We had a lot of fun. Marty, Blakely and John came to visit and see Mollie Jo. Marty thought she looked like her mommy which was wonderful to hear. Everyone thinks she looks like her daddy. Maybe she is starting to be a mix! All I know is that she is so much fun and just so darn cute.

We had a great time at Grammie Stacy and Gramps Chris house. We watched the Real game and watched as they beat the Galaxy! It was a great game. It was so much fun to hangout with family and especially cousins. When we left it was a winter wonderland. It was a bit scary driving home as we now have such precious cargo, but we made it after we stopped off to see Aunt Mary, Aunt Abby, Grandma Amy and Grandpa JJ. It was a great Sunday.

Grammie with "Olls" & "Molls"

Gramps and Mollie

Uncle Wayne, Louise Tessa and Mollie

Cousin Tessa Loves Mollie

Big Big Eyed Girl

Fun with Tessa

Our Cute Family of Three

Aunt Mary and Mollie

Aunt Abby can't get enough of little Mollie

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome Mollie Jo Lund...

Our precious Mollie Jo has arrived! She is perfect and is a little bundle of joy that has joined our adventure! She arrived Monday November 16 at 3:45 pm. She weighed in at a whopping 5 lb 12 oz (a little tiny bug) and was 19 1/2 inches long. The delivery went just perfect and we have a darling little baby girl that has brought us so much happiness. She is such a big blessing to our lives. She came a day before my birthday, and what better gift could anybody ask for than a healthy little girl! Who doesn't love a baby!

We were in the hospital for two days and had so much love and support from family and friends who were so excited to welcome Mollie to this world. Grandma Stacy, Grandpa Chris, Auntie Jess, Uncle Jeff, Auntie Abbie, Grandpa JJ, Grandma Amy, Auntie Mary and Auntie Abby were the first to welcome her to our family. They all loved her and loved all her black hair. Some other visitors were cousin Nate, Great Aunt Wendy, Great Grandma Shirley, Great Aunt Jane, cousins Jon and Krysten, Brynn, Ali, Kramer, Juddy, and Blakely and John. We had a nonstop party for this wonderful celebration. Thanks to everyone who came to see us.

We brought Mollie home on Wednesday, and documented her first car ride. It was a lot of fun. Since then we have been hanging out at home together as a happy family of three. Mollie sleeps most of the day and wakes up to be fed and get her diaper changed. She is doing great and beginning to be a very good eater. Hopefully we will start seeing some chub on this little tiny body of hers. i have been having such a blast being home with Mollie all day and being a mom. There is no better thing in this world than being a mom to the cutest little girl. Tom has been taking very good care of both mom and Mollie. He is a great dad and just loves cuddling up with his little girl. We are proud parents.

Tomorrow will mark one week old for little Mollie, and I can't believe how fast that went by. I have a feeling that time is going to fly by with this little bundle of joy. That just means that we are going to enjoy every second and document every little thing with this little girl each and everyday. Here are some pictures of our darling girl from birth until now.

Our Happy Family of Three!

Mollie and Mommy just after she arrived!

Our first glimpse of her

Look at all that hair!

There are those beautiful eyes

Grandma Amy and Mollie

Grammie Stacy and Mollie

Gramps Chris

Grandpa JJ

Aunties Abbie and Jess

Auntie Abbie

Uncle Jeff

Great Grandma Shirley

Getting hungry!

Snoozing is what she does best

Proud Daddy and Mommy

One of many photo shoots

Getting ready to go home!

Here we go! I'm a tiny little thing!

Daddy lovin me!

Mommy and her bug

Bed time... I don't think so!

Its bath time!

Squeaky Clean!

Special outing to Great Grandma Kalani's

Cousin Tessa was so excited to meet Mollie

Cousins Ollie and Mollie just 6 months apart

Maybe one day her head will be that big!

Tessa Mollie and Mommy

We love cousins!

Welcome from Everyone Mollie Jo! As you can tell you have lots of people who absolutely adore and love you!