Monday, November 23, 2009

Hanging out at Grammies House...

Yesterday we went to dinner at Grandma Stacy's house. Mollie's cousins Ollie and Tessa were both there along with Grammie, Gramps, Aunt Abbie, Aunt Jess and Uncle Jeff. We had a lot of fun. Marty, Blakely and John came to visit and see Mollie Jo. Marty thought she looked like her mommy which was wonderful to hear. Everyone thinks she looks like her daddy. Maybe she is starting to be a mix! All I know is that she is so much fun and just so darn cute.

We had a great time at Grammie Stacy and Gramps Chris house. We watched the Real game and watched as they beat the Galaxy! It was a great game. It was so much fun to hangout with family and especially cousins. When we left it was a winter wonderland. It was a bit scary driving home as we now have such precious cargo, but we made it after we stopped off to see Aunt Mary, Aunt Abby, Grandma Amy and Grandpa JJ. It was a great Sunday.

Grammie with "Olls" & "Molls"

Gramps and Mollie

Uncle Wayne, Louise Tessa and Mollie

Cousin Tessa Loves Mollie

Big Big Eyed Girl

Fun with Tessa

Our Cute Family of Three

Aunt Mary and Mollie

Aunt Abby can't get enough of little Mollie

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