Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blogging.... What is blogging?

Wow, I am hands down the worst blogger. I think I forgot how to do this, because I can't remember how to make this look cute anymore! I will figure it out as time goes on I guess. Well, it has been about 4 months since my last post and a lot has happened in our looped up lives. So here i go, once again, playing catch up on my blog....

May Happenings and Miss Mollie at 6 months old...

During the month of May we had some big things happen in our family. Tom graduated from the University of Utah. He is our Utah Man Grad and we couldn't be more happy on this wonderful accomplishment. I had my first Mother's Day as Mollie's mom. It was such a great day. Tom and Molls gave me some gardening classes at Thanksgiving point, which were awesome, and a bucket full of gardening tools. During May, we also closed on our first home, and moved it. It was so fun and so exciting to move into our new beautiful house. May was busy, but we had a great month with a lot of great changes!

My First Mother's Day with my sweetest girl Mollie Jo

Tom Graduated from the U! Our "Ute" Family

Celebrating with Theurer Fam

Celebrating with Lund Fam

Our New Home

My amazing kitchen

My Family Room

June Happenings and Mollie at 7 months old... The Crawling begins...

June was a great month. We got all settled into our house, and got everything put away, and all of our pictures hung. Everything was in place, our blinds arrived, and the house looked amazing. We had some fun in June with little miss Mollie. We went to the pool at the Tennis Club. Mollie was like a little fish and just loved it. Tom had his first fathers day, and we gave him a bike seat for his beach cruiser to "cruise" around the neighborhood with Mollie. She loves the bike, and falls asleep as we ride. Mollie also surprised us on Father's Day as she took her first crawl. It was so funny and from that point on she was crawling all over the place and became one wild little girl. At the end of June we took Mollie and Cousin Tessa to Lagoon for Tom's work Lagoon Day. We had so much fun and Tom had a blast taking Tessa Jane on lot's of rides. Mollie absolutely loves her cousin Tessa so it was a riot with the kiddos.

Our little Crawling Girl in her new room

Swimming with our Fish at the Club

Happy Father's Day Daddy

Fun times at Lagoon with Cousin Tessa, Daddy, Mommy and Molls

July and Mollie at 8 months old....

July is always my favorite month of the year! We started July off with Independence Day and had a great time. We watched fireworks at the Country Club with the Lund's and played Frisbee Golf and celebrated Grandpa Chris' birthday with the Theurer's. Mollie was mesmerized by the fireworks and just loved them.

Another reason July is my favorite month is because we get to go to Newport Beach with my family. I have been going there since I was 8 months old, so I was thrilled to take my little 8 monther as well. We had such a great time playing at the beach. Mollie was such a little sand monster, and loved the taste of it! She had so much fun with her cousin's Tessa and Ollie. She thought she was a lot older than she really is and wanted to do everything that Oliver was doing, but couldn't quite do it all. Tom put her in the water, she wasn't quite sure about how cold it was and made it known that she would much rather crawl and be sandy in the sand. It was such a blast and so fun to have Mollie there with us this year.

Our 4th of July with the Theurer's

Country Club with the Lund's

Newport 2010
Fashion Island
Beach Bums
Sand Monsters
Gramps saved Mollie from the cold ocean
Cruisin to Balboa Island
Gotta love the hats at the sunny beach
Favorite Pic of Molls and the Whole Famdamily
Grammie and Gramps with the wild Kiddos! Thanks for the Great Trip

As you can see we have had a great summer, and feel so blessed to be in our new home and to be surrounded with such great families! Our First Summer with Mollie was a blast filled with lots of first memories and we can't wait for more to come!

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