Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever!

Oh my goodness, I decided that I am the world's worst blogger. It has been months since my last post and so much has changed in our Loopie Lives. Now where do I start?

Well, we moved! We are now in a basement apartment in Sugarhouse across the street from Westminster. It is a lot bigger than our last place and we painted, got new floors in the kitchen and bathroom and have turned it into quite the cute cozy apartment. I will post some pics when I get some. We plan on being here until our new little addition to our Loopie Lund Family arrives on November 25! Yep, that's right we are expecting a baby girl! So we should be here for until the beginning of the Spring or until Tom graduates from the U in May!

We feel very blessed to have such a wonderful life together, and to live in this new place waiting for the "bug" to arrive. Lots of things are changing, but we feel like we are as ready as we can be for them!! I will try to keep up on this blog now that we have a stable Internet connection and i have started to kind of figure out how to do this.


ed and kelli said...

yay lind... you DO update this!!!! i can't wait to see your little girl and am so happy for you guys!!! do you have names yet? we need to see cute little bump pictures!!! i love the area you are living in in sugarhouse.. you miss those things when you live in the desert:)

Heather said...

Lind! I found you! Where are the updates of the baby and the apartment? Just kidding. Can't wait for your shower and to see you and the little babes inside! Congrats!