Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Festivities...

This Christmas was so much fun with our sweet baby girl Mollie Jo. We were on the go go go all through the Holiday Season and Mollie was such a great trooper. We started with the Theurer party at Andy's on the 23rd. Christmas Eve was filled with a full day of fun. We went to my parents house during the day and hung out with Grammie Stacy, Gramps Chris, Aunt Abbie, Aunt Jess, Uncle Jeff and cousins Tessa Jane and Ollie. We had a lot of fun. We filled our bellies full with crab, artichoke dip, chips and salsa, cheese and crackers and lots of treats. Then we got our awesome nutcrackers from my dad, that we get every year. The little kids each got a book and Tom and Jeff got some way sweet marshmallow guns. I am pretty sure they turned into little boys with those. It was fun. It was especially fun to have all the kidlets there together, Olls, Molls and Tessa. So fun!

Christmas Eve night we spent with the Lund's. We had a French Feast in honor of Katy, who is on her mission in France. It was very good. Then we headed over to Fred and Jane's for dessert and for the nativity scene and the story of Christ's birth. It was fun. Tom was Joseph, I was Mary and little Mollie Jo was Jesus. Becky's girls just loved Mollie and were so cute to her. After that we headed home and opened up our Christmas PJ's and read the Polar Express while sipping on some Hot Chocolate. It was fun and we snuggled up with Mollie on her first Christmas Eve.

Santa made a visit to our house that night. Mollie was spoiled with lots of little toys, lots of classic books and a few cute outfits. It was fun to have her here this Christmas. It brought a new joy to our morning! After we opened our family gifts we headed over to the Lund's to talk to Katy in France. She sounded great. We opened presents there and then we headed to the Fagergren breakfast for another feast. Mollie got to meet all her cousins and her Great Grandpa. Pretty cool.

After breakfast we headed over to my parents for a spoiling of gifts. Mollie got some really fun toys and outfits. Then the Miller clan came and we all played at Grammie and Gramps before heading over to Great Grandma Kalani's for yet another feast and more gifts. We filled our bellies there and nibbled on treats all night long with the Olson's, Theurer's, Miller's, Lund's and Great Gram! It was fun.

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our little peanut girl, Mollie. We feel so blessed to have had such a great time with our families and friends and all the love we received! Above all, Mollie was the best gift we got this Christmas!

Theurer Party

Our Little Fam

The Nativity Scene! Love the Camel Pete!

Mary and Jesus

Grammie, Molls, Daddy and Gramps

Me and my little peanut girl, Mollie

Christmas Eve

Uncle Wayne with Oliver

Auntie Jess and Mollsie

Grammie and her Nutcracker

Me and my Nutcracker

"Olls" and "Molls"

Meeting my cousins

Great Aunt Jane and Great Uncle Fred... Love it!

The Nativity

Great Grandma Shirley

Christmas Eve PJ Party

Mollie in her new Jammies

Mommy and Daddy in their new Jammies too! Party!


janemensel said...

So cute Lindie--thanks for sharing. You guys were busy....phew!!!

Jess said...

Christmas time went by too fast. Cute pics!