Sunday, January 10, 2010

Santa Visits Mollie Jo...

I know I have way too many pictures posted of Christmas, but there are just way too many fun ones that I can't leave any out!

Where's Mollie?

Mollie and some of her new toys!

"Wow" Dad

Santa came for Mom too

Daddy and Mollie Collage

Mollie's Christmas Outfit

Daddy and Great Grandpa

Grandma Amy and Grandpa JJ

Lund Fam and Bower Fam

Auntie Abbie and Gramps

Grammie Stacy

Auntie Abba and Tessa Jane

Cousin Ollie was so excited

Cousin Naters and Mollie with the same hairdoo

Hanging at Grandma Kalani's

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Brynn and Jared said...

Those little socks are my favorite!