Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Babysitting 3...

Over the Holiday's I offered to watch Tessa and Ollie for my sister Jess, while her and Jeff went to an ugly sweater party. I got there with little Mollie Jo and we had lots of fun. The kidlets had a blast together. Ollie is so funny around Molls, he just wanted to grab her the entire time. I can't wait until they can beat up on each other. We had fun. Tessa and I made her mom a Go Utes picture frame with a picture of Grammie Stacy and the grand kids, all in their ute attire. It turned out really cute. We had fun. Then I put Olls to bed. It was great. Molls and Olls were both sleeping while I had a chance to play stuffed animals with miss Tessa. Well, Ollie decided to wake up screaming, and woke up molls. Suddenly I went from calm playing to stressful newborn and 7 month babies screaming. Both wanted to be held so I had to have babysitter Tessa help me out! A four year old! Wow, it was a good thing she was there to help the babysitter auntie out! Props to moms who have twins or kids very close in age! It is hard work.

Tessa put this outfit on all by herself! So funny!

Cousins PJ Party!

Elffie Tessa Jane!

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