Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Born a UTE and will always be a UTE!

Saturday was Miss Mollie's first Utah vs. BYU football game. We got her all decked out in her red to support our UTES. We headed over the Grammie Stacy's to watch the big game while daddy was lucky enough to go to it at Cougar Stadium. We had a lot of fun cheering our UTES on with cousins Tessa and Ollie, Aunt Abbie, Grandma Stacy and Grandpa Chris. The game was rough, but despite our loss to the cougars, we still love our UTES and ALWAYS WILL!!

Daddy and Mollie getting ready for the game in their RED!

We Love cousins who Love the UTES!

Me with the Kiddo UTES! Starting them young!!

Abba and "Ollie Man"

Sisters... Sisters...

We Love our Grammie!

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Heather said...

Red is a great color on Mollie! ;) Go Utes!