Monday, December 7, 2009

My clothes are starting to fit me...

Little Miss Mollie Jo is 3 weeks old today! Where does all the time go to? I can't believe how quick these 3 weeks have flown by! Mollie is so much fun and such a good baby. I feel so lucky to have her as my little daughter! She is just a doll. She is growing each day. She sleeps a lot still because I think she is growing so much. She is a great little eater. When she gets hungry she get ravenous and seriously snarfs down her food. She is funny to watch as she kicks her legs and flails her arms around until she gets that bottle in her mouth. She eats so fast and then gets the hiccups! It is adorable. I am glad she is growing and is healthy. It has been so fun because she is finally fitting into some more of her clothes. I have had such a blast dressing her in her different outfits. I feel like I am back playing house because I love dressing her and doing her hair so much. I had to post some pics of her in some of her fun little outfits. She looks so darn cute, I can't get enough pictures of her. I love her to pieces and am so glad I get to be her mommy.

Matching her blanky..

I love the smocking on this one!

We just love her in kissy kissy..

Her cozy fleece outfit for the freezing weather!

Look how cute her little chubber cheeks are!


ed and kelli said...

lind.. she is freakin adorable! i want to meet this cutie in real life! and you look great by the way:)

Scott and Cassidy Cowley said...

Lindie you are such a cute mom!!! I love reading your blog pots. Mollie is one lucky girl! She looks darling in her outfits! Keep the pic's coming!

emily said...

Hey Lindie,
I found you from Jess' blog. Congrats on your new baby girl. She is SO adorable. Love her dark hair. And I love her name. I am having a boy- but I told Tyler that is the name that I liked for a girl. So fun!! Congrats again!