Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our first Thanksgiving with Mollie

Well, our Thanksgiving this year was a special one. Our new addition, Mollie Jo, is what I am most thankful for this year. How could such a bundle of joy bless my life this much? She is my little doll and I am so grateful that she arrived to our little family safe and healthy. She brings so much happiness and joy to my life and I thank my Heavenly Father each and everyday for this wonderful baby girl... what a blessing. I also am so thankful for Tom and all that he does for me and our new little family. Tom, you are the best!

We had a great Thanksgiving day. We started the day with Mollie snuggled up to us as we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was a lot of fun. We started her young so hopefully the little bug will enjoy the parade as much as I do each year. After the parade we got ready to head to Grandma Amy and Grandpa JJ's house for our big feast. Grandma and Grandpa were there along with Aunt Mary and Abby, and Fred and Jane. It was a lot of fun, and we had a great time together as a family. After dinner we headed over to Grammie Stacy's and Grandpa Chris' house for dessert. Abbie made all the pies this year and oh were they tasty. Gram and Gramps were there, along with Aunt Abbie, Aunt Jess, Uncle Jeff, Tessa Jane, Ollie, Great Grandma Trujillo, and the entire Olson clan. We had a lot of fun. Everyone just adored little Mollie Jo, and man did she get the pass along! It was fun to celebrate "Olls" and "Molls" first Thanksgiving together!

We had a great time and both grandparents houses, and the day could not have gone any smoother. We are so thankful for both of our families and all that they do for us. We love you all so much, Happy Thanksgiving!

The Lund Clan

Mollie with Aunt Mary

"Ollie" and Mollie with Naters and Abbers

Relaxing with Daddy after a long day in my new Jammies

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