Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Fun Weekend at South Jordan Days and More...

Wow, we had such a fun weekend! Friday, we kicked off our weekend by going to South Jordan Days with some of our friends! The kiddos had so much fun together! Mollie absolutely loved petting the pony and really had a great time on her pony ride!

Next, the kiddos went on a train ride! Mollie was in the back and had quite the bumpy ride! She was almost doing pop-a-wheelies, but managed to just love it! That girl has no fear of anything!

Molls and her cute friend Audrey on the Animal Train

To top off the night, we went on the Merry-go-round! It was Never ending, but the kids had a great time on it!

After the carnival, we took off to our ward softball tournament and kicked some major butt! It was so much fun! I got over my softball frustration and just tried to have fun and a good attitude! This led to 2 RBI's! Woo Hoo... Go me!!

Saturday morning we got up early and headed off to the South Jordan Days Parade! We met up with the Lundquists and had a great time with Mollie and little Gabers!

Tom got us a loot of candy, and we also grabbed some Menchie's coupons! We had fun, but Mollie wasn't quite sure about all the loud sirens! She was a trooper though, and we rewarded her with lots of candy! I am a good parent aren't I?

This last pic is incredible! This is my goal.. To be Mrs. South Jordan in 50 years! What a bombshell, right?!!

After the parade, we headed to more ward softball! We dominated our first game so we advanced to play right after that! We didn't have enough players or we would have dominated again, but ended up loosing! We had so much fun though, and it was a great afternoon spent out in the sun on the baseball field! Tom had some awesome catches, but I must admit my line drive I caught was pretty amazing! I didn't take any pictures, but it was such a blast!

We ended the night in Park City at Loco Lizard for my bro-in-laws Birthday Bash! It was lots of fun to be there to celebrate with my fam and good food! Molls had a great time with her cousin, Tessa! Those two are wild as can be together and I absolutely love it!

After all that playing you would think Mollie would be tuckered out, right? I don't think so!!

So, as you can tell we had a fabulous weekend filled with fun, friends and family! Can't beat that!


Julia said...

LOVE THIS! what an awesome and fun weekend! I love all the pics of your little girl on the rides...too cute! Congrats on the awesome softball playing as well :)

Lindie said...

Thanks girl! It doesn't compare to running the Wasatch Back, but it takes a close runner up!

Lundquist Updater said...

I am so mad i missed the line drive catch!!!!! Dallas said he was so impressed. We really should go to the batting cages and practice our swing. Awesome weekend with you. Can't wait for Thursday!!!