Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer is SO much FUN!!

We have had such a great summer so far! Oh, isn't summer just the greatest? I think so. We have had so much fun lately! Mollie is at such a fun age. She is wild and crazy most of the time and just makes me laugh all day long! We have so much fun with our little bug! She is has non-stop energy so we get to do lots of fun things to keep her busy.

Some of her latest words are Lindie (Yes, she rarely calls me mom), bubble, banana, apple, Abbie, Tessa, doggie, Buddie, hot, snack, Meems (for Grandma), bampa (grandpa), and she also growls like a lion! I love that girl!

We have spent the past few nights up at the Lake in Daybreak! Mollie absolutely loves it, and Tom and I have fun taking her!
My sweet girl!

Molls loves the swing and the slide!!

Daddy and Miss Mollie Jo

Tom loves to take Molls on the bike, and she LOVES it!

Nothing better than being at the lake while the sun is setting!

My cutie bug!

Yesterday we went swimming! We went to the Tennis Club and it was a fantastic day to be at the pool! Mollie just loves her cousins so much, and I think I have the cutest niece and nephew ever!! We had a way fun time!!
Molls and Olls!

Molls with her HUGE floaties!

Cutest Nephew Ever!

Cutest Niece Ever!

Today we went to the Zoo! It was so much fun! Mollie had 3 fun friends that joined us; Gabe, Madi and Pearl! It was a great day to go to the zoo. We had such a fun time with our friends. The kiddos loved the Merry-go-round and all the animals. I think they liked the Elephants the best, but enjoyed it all! What a great day, and we can't wait to go back again soon!

Molls by the Giraffe's!

Angie and Gabe, Me and Molls, Pearl and Jenna!

Brynn and Cute Madi!

All the kiddos striking a pose! Pearl, Gabe, Madi and Mollie!

This is why summer is the best, we get to do so many fun things with friends and family! I am so lucky and blessed to be able to stay home with Mollie, so we can have all of our fun adventures during the day, and party with Daddy at night!


Julia said...

Lindie! you and your daughter are gorgeous!!! i am so jealous of all the fun adventures you are having this summer :)

Lindie said...

Oh, you are so sweet! I always appreciate your comments! You are awesome! We are having so much fun! Lets play sometime too!!

Lindsey said...

Ah, y'all are so adorable! Summer is the best!!

Heather said...

I am loving all of these new updates! Keep it up! Next time you all get together let me know, sometimes I have a day off during the week if I have to work on Saturday. I would love a little trip to the zoo with you gals! Looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindie,
You don't know me and I don't do Facebook. I found a memory card in the SaltLake City airport acouple of years ago that I believe belongs to you. I can be reached at if you send me your address I will mail it to you. Sorry it took so long to track down the rightful owner. Chalk it up to lazy, forgetful and not very up to date on computer technology.